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Easter in Rhaetia

February 7th, 2008

I’ve been considering what to do about the date of Easter in Rhaetia, since there’s no official word about how WHATL does it and I think the Julian-Gregorian algorithm is extremely complicated.

I think I may just have it always be on the 14th of Ξανθικό, regardless of the day of the week (a different kind of Quartodecimanism…).

When I mentioned that to Stella, she seemed a bit shocked and said that Easter had to be on a Sunday, that it was very symbolic and you couldn’t just move it around the way you could, for example, Christmas. In which case my fallback plan is to have Easter always fall on the third Sunday in Ξανθικό, which will fall in roughly the right period but will stop all that faffing around with Ecclesiastical New Moon and stuff.

“The first Sunday on or after 14 Ξανθικό” might also be an option.

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