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Geography of Engadinesia

February 20th, 2009

So, I’ve made some maps (for myself) of Engadinesia, based on Google Maps’s Terrain views.

The southern border was the simplest: not only are the mountain crests fairly well-defined, but my proposed border follows provincial borders for most of the way. (Well, #2 is probably a consequence of #1, but it helped nonetheless.)

The rest is a bit more up for grabs.

Where I’m most unsure is the north-western border: from Val Bregaglia to Samnaun. The whole mountain range separating the valley of the Inn from that of the Landwasser doesn’t seem to have a well-defined crest along the middle–you have lots of transverse crests, passes, etc. Perhaps it would help if I got a decent map of where the municipality boundaries go, since those will presumably follow the “natural” boundaries. (Hm, will have to look at Tschubby’s fare.)

I’m also less sure about whether to include Bivio at the moment. And it would help if the Septimer Pass were marked.

I did decide to exclude the Valle di Lei, since it’s part of the Rhine really, and to include Nauders (though there again, the easter border is a bit fuzzy, especially as you get close to the Inn). And I’ll probably cross the Inn near Pfunds and keep going northwest for a bit to just southwest of Hexenkopf, then head southwest and rejoin the current CH-AT border. I’m a bit irritated that the natural ridge appears to start between Mataunkopf and Monte Cantone, but the boundary of Pfunds appears to start at Monte Cantone and then head northwest somehow.

Also not sure what to do with the place where the border crosses this big valley (Fimbabach?), which is part of CH-GR but doesn’t really seem to “fit” well there, since it opens into AT and I’m not sure how accessible it even is from the rest of GR.

I also did the southwest boundaries, by the Lago di Como, a bit differently from how Italy does it, with my border a bit further to the west, to make the area more contiguous in the face of Lago di Mezzola: the southern boundary extends west from Monte Legnone to the peninsula containing Rivetta and Olgiasca, and the western boundary extends north from (roughly) Gera Lario – Montemezzo – Montalto (as opposed to extending west from opposite Novate Mezzola).

Hm, decisions, decisions…

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