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Resia or not Resia

February 21st, 2009

The Italian-Austrian border crosses the Resia Pass, but I had considered drawing the border of Engadinesia further north, closing off the valley of the Inn.

Now I had read the German Wikipedia article on watersheds in the Alps, and that said that the watershed line between Danube and Adige goes eastwards from Piz Lad via Resia Pass to the Weißseespitze… so the country border is not as arbitrary as I had at first thought.

Hm, I think I still want the boundary to turn north somewhere around Monte Cantone, though… to follow a peak line. Rather than going down from Piz Lad into the valley of the Inn, then up the valley of the Schergenbach past Spiss and further north up the valley before it hits a peak, the way the Swiss/Austrian border does now.

On the other hand, that would be easy to understand… hm. Decisions, decisions.

The article also helpfully included the course of the watershed on the mountains west of the Inn valley (e.g. between Inn and Landwasser); that didn’t help me as much as it could have since Google Maps doesn’t label all that many peaks on its Terrain view, but I have a map of Graubünden on the upstairs wall which is a bit better in that regard. So I’ll have to refer to that.

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