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Fimbatal and Samnaun

February 24th, 2009

After reading the article in the German Wikipedia on the Fimbatal (Val Fenga), I know why the Switzerland–Austria border follows a funny course there, cutting through the middle of the valley rather than going around the bottom: apparently, the reason that the southern part of the Fimbatal is an exclave of the municipality of Ramosch is because of “the intensive search of that Engadine community for pasture areas during the late Middle Ages”.

I suppose I could consider duplicating that decision in WHATL, but I think I’ll still go with the “cleaner” way of running the border around the southern and eastern boundary of the valley rather than up the western border and then across it.

I still don’t know what to do with Nauders, though.

Though now that I think about that corner, perhaps I’ll cut off Samnaun rather than extending the border towards the Hexenkopf… then I could go roughly eastwards from Vesilspitze, via Muttler, rather than north then east then southeast.

That would end up at the same corner, where the Schalklbach meets the Inn River, which helps the situation a little on he northern shore of the Inn. The southern bit would still be a bit indeterminate; if I follow the modern boundaries, with the border going south to Piz Lad before going east across Resia Pass, then the question would be why bring the boundary down to that particular corner and not, say, come down near Tschlin/Strada rather than Vinadi.

Perhaps the ridge Schartlkopf–Gaispleiskopf–Schmalzkopf might work, and then down from there in a roughly westerly direction to the Schalklbach corner. Not quite sure of the best route, though; no particular way jumps out at me.

On the other hand, using the Kajetansbrücke is also tempting; in order to put that within the boundaries of Engadinesia, including Pfunds sounds tempting again (and then using the Radurschelback on the south and the other river on the north, perhaps). Or I might have a similar situation to the one now with Samnaun and the Spiss road, with the obvious/easy way into part of my territory running through a neighbour’s, and possibly a more difficult way later being built that was wholely within my own.

Decisions, decisions, again.

Or maybe not go as far as the Schalklbach corner but simply to go roughly northwards from Piz Lad along the ridge to the Inn River the the point where the valley from Nauders goes into the Inn, then across the Inn and up the other side the the peak that’s about 2900 m high.

Which starts to look a bit attractive since it seems more natural to me—it just excludes the path from Resia Pass and finishes at that “corner” rather than at the corner of a stream that doesn’t seem as obvious to me.

Even if the northern ridge is then not followed to its natural end, which would be the Schalklbach corner. Maybe a compromise is to have the northern/western boundary go to the Schalklbach corner and the southern/eastern one to the Nauders valley one, with the two points being joined by a short stretch down the middle of the Inn river. (Graubündener settlements seem to be more on the northern/western shore, anyway.)

Hm, the more I think about that possibility, the more attractive it seems to me. So perhaps I’ll end up doing that after all.

…though the ridge north of Piz Lad isn’t as well-defined any more, so I might as well just follow the current boundary, since it’s already there and all. Otherwise I’d have to figure out how to go from Piz Lad to the Nauders valley corner along the various lumps and bumps.

But that’s doable. A bit zig-zaggy, but doable.


Writing things down does help focus your thoughts 🙂

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