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Updated feed URL

March 27th, 2009

I had “burned” the feed for this blog a while ago, and shortly afterwards created an “own-brand” URL under the feeds.mizinamo.org domain, but hadn’t publicised the new URL.

I now changed the feed URL for the LiveJournal syndicated account, and was going to change the feed link on the blog itself.

I was prepared to dive through the various sources and attempt to hand-hack it, so I grepped through various bits and bobs, until I found something promising in the theme… and saw that the feed URL was apparently controllable through an option! D’oh! I should have expected that.

So I had a look in the dashboard and saw that there was indeed a field for “Current Theme Options”, which included a link for “custom feed URL”. Enabled that, entered the value in the text box, saved, and hey presto! New feed URL behind the syndication icon. Whodathunkit.

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