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Ilatamiutitut in Greek letters

June 23rd, 2011 1 comment

I’ve been thinking about how to write Ilatamiutitut in the Greek alphabet.

After all, if they had influence from Greece, then perhaps they would write the language in (a variation of) the Greek alphabet (rather than, say, in Syllabics or in Roman).

On the other hand, while Unicode has a whole lot of precomposed Roman letters with diacritics, and even a fair number of Cyrillic letters with diacritics, there are next to no Greek letters with diacritics, so font support for Greek letters with diacritics is likely to be poor. So for OOC reasons (I’d like the result to look nice given the fonts I have), I’d probably have to stick to the basic Greek alphabet.

(Historically, I suppose the reason for the lack of letters is the fact that the Greek alphabet wasn’t used much for other languages – and especially not as the official orthography of a language after the day of computing. For example, the use of Greek to write Albanian is quite a while ago, and Greek dialects aren’t written much except by specialists.)

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