Rats -- I thought I had all the letters, but I obviously missed a couple: at least p v z. p and v I had intended to put into pav, but forgot to include that word, but z I seem to have completely forgotten about. Oh well, I'll add in a zië/zaë:

So pav shual fsëgdá chümse ab zhöhán er rho cumotere midhä kyolei zië - The small horse always stinks of beer and doesn't understand a celebration of its dress or Soî pavî shualî fsëgdá chümsu ab zhöhán er rho cumoteru midhä kyolei zaë - The small horses always stink of beer and don't understand a celebration of their dress.

Also, who can produce a Verdurian word with as many diacritical marks as possible when written in Verdurian? Both fsëgdá and zhöhán are good contenders, with three out of six and three out of five letters having either a vuáë or a lenge. Who can do better? (Look for words with accents and umlauts but also for those with many voiced consonants, which are often written with a vuáë.)