I've begun to worry. It's possibly that war may happen. Many people have said that they want to kill the attackers and the people of their countries. Many have already died; if more die, how will that help? And it's not even known (for sure) who attacked.

We've seen in the past that if someone kills one person, the other kills several[1] people in revenge; no-one will stop, and things will keep getting worse.

And it's not just a matter of the United States. The US asked NATO for their help and support. Soldiers from many countries may fight, and war may come to many countries.

I read today that two terrorists[2] lived in Hamburg. One of them lived in Harburg, where he studied, for eight years -- south of the Elbe, and only 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from[3] my house.

Philip Newton

[1] I used "seven" in the Cadhinor because I thought I'd pick a "magic" number. According to Shm Revouse's grammar of Cadhinor, seven is a sacred number; for example, there are seven Thinking Kinds. So I thought seven might be appropriate in such a context; it's meant as an indefinite "several".

[2] literally, "person in charge of terror", from encais + -rion.

[3] I used the Verdurian preposition "po" here since I couldn't find a Cadhinor equivalent.