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Where's Almea? What's Verdurian?

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Almea is a fictional world created by Mark Rosenfelder. He populated it with different peoples and gave them histories and languages. The most well-known (or least obscure, if you prefer it that way) of these is Verdurian; this is also the language which is best described: it has the most complete grammar and the largest lexicon.

The primary resource for Almea is Mark Rosenfelder's pages. Start at his Virtual Verduria page and have a look!

Conversion utilities

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I've written a few utilities that inflect nouns, verbs, and adjectives in various Almean languages. I prefer using these tools over hunting around in various tables trying to find the right ending for the static remote past of esan, for example.

There's also a tool to convert text to graphics. This is a little rough around the edges, but still usable. Select the language your text is in, the font you want to use for output, and go for it. When I have time, I'll put up a little help file telling more about how to use this thing.

Board postings

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Mark Rosenfelder has a message board, where people who are interested in Verduria, other Almean languages, or similar topics can post. Postings in Verdurian are welcome, but English is also fine.

Over time, I've posted a fair number of articles to that board. Most of them are also available here (for hysterical raisins, the first few articles are instead at another site, but they're also linked to from here).


  1. Most of these postings (except for the earliest ones) are snippets of HTML as I sent them off to Mark, who included them in a message board posting template. Therefore, they are not valid HTML in the sense that they do not pass an HTML validator (they're not complete documents). However, they may still render by themselves by tolerant browsers such as the majority I've come across. If you have difficulty seeing any particular posting, drop me a line.
  2. Some of these postings contain text in Verdurian font. These are provided as PNG format images and may not show up correctly if your browser does not understand inline PNG images. However, you shouldn't be missing much since, in general, they're just a copy of the text written below in Latin transcription (which is why I give them an alternative text of "", so that Lynx and other text-mode browsers can completely ignore the images). In cases where the text represented by the image is more important, I made the alternative text be a transcription of the text represented by the image -- such as the page you get when you request a non-existent page.
  3. The versions on the bulletin board sometimes contain responses from Mark at the bottom of the page.
  4. The dates given indicate the date of the email message in which I sent the posting to Mark. That's also the date indicated on the message board. (In fact, I'm using that date, so the information may actually be a day off in some cases, since he used local time to express the date rather than my time zone. I think I'm 7 hours east of Mark.)

The postings themselves

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